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Benjamin Netanyahu, an undivided Jerusalem and the Third Temple Print
Posted On May 7th, 2019
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The general gist of this prophecy is that, after God's first warning (via Dr. Robert Mawire) to Benjamin Netanyahu (aka Bibi) to not divide the land, he ignored the warning, and was removed from office just as prophesied.  The second time that Dr. Robert Mawire appeared to Netanyahu, he said that Bibi would regain his place as prime minister, and would be used to protect Israel, and help bring in the 3rd temple.  However, if he divided Israel again, he would be removed.  Now I'm not sure if that means that Bibi will never leave office.  But, I'm guessing that, so long as Bibi doesn't give away land, his job as PM is secure for as long as he chooses to remain in the job.  Then, when he finally decides to leave, or even at some point before then, God will use him to bring in the 3rd Jewish Temple.

Now, understand this.  Just because God has said that He will use Bibi to bring in the 3rd Temple, it doesn't mean he will necessarily be here and/or alive when the actual temple is constructed.  Just like how David funded the first Jewish temple, and Solomon built it, God may use Bibi to put all the pieces in place to build the temple, but then have someone else actually construct it.  So, simply helping with the preparations for the 3rd temple is more than sufficient to fulfill this prophecy as it's originally stated.  If Dr. Robert Mawire updates the prophecy later and adds more specificity to it, then we can narrow it down to a more specific event or series of events.  Until then, the best we can do is provide a degree of generality in the fulfilling of its parts.

Now, that doesn't mean that the prophecy is invalid.  It just means we don't have the full details yet on the exact "How" of its fulfillment, which is completely holding to biblical precedent for prophecies, as not every God given prophecy comes with a full degree of specificity in its fulfillment.

EDIT (2021-10-01): With Bibi now removed, things are heading again in the direction of the prophecy towards him having a huge part in the 3rd temple.  He may still go back into office, but for now it appears he's headed on towards fulfilling the latter parts of this prophecy.

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