Kushner will broker peace
Posted On February 23rd, 2019
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I'm still trying to put together the full details of this prophecy, but what I understand of it so far is that Jared Kushner (it could be someone else, but he seems like the most likely candidate) will broker a lasting peace deal between Israel and the middle east Arabs.  This WILL NOT be the peace deal spoken of in the bible set forth by the AntiChrist.  Nor will it be the dividing of Israel, nor Jerusalem.  It will merely be a period of peace and prosperity, brokered by Kushner, between Israel and the Arabs, that will last for a long time, possibly up to the rapture.  And, while I can't be sure of it, this may put in place the needed "peace and safety" requirements of Ezekiel 38.  Again, I'm still trying to put together all of what this prophecy speaks of, but this is what parts of it I understand so far.  I'll update with more as I figure out the rest.

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