Question: Why has it been so quiet around here lately?
Sunday, January 28th, 2018 1:32am

I'm sure some of you have been wondering that exact question, and I know I get asked it plenty often, so I will try my best to answer it in the only way I'm able.  First off, the site was never meant to be a one stop shop for prophecy.  We're a prophetical index; a jumping off point to other places and people far wiser than myself, who can better teach you about prophecy than I can.  We're also a good summary and study tool to get you going on current events with the purpose of kicking off your search to deepen your knowledge of scripture.  We're also good as a witnessing tool for those who need that extra little bit of proof that bible prophecy is true, and that that it's happening around us right now.

I'm also a very busy person, and so is Sharon, who helps out there periodically.  When we have time to research and document, or perhaps do updates, we do.  Otherwise, regular life and other other pursuits, both personal, and for the Kingdom, require and receive most of our attention, leaving little time for working here.  But I think that the one thing which has the greatest impact on our work here isn't our busy schedules.  It's that we appear to be in a lull in bible prophecy.  Now, some of you might say, "Are you nuts!?  Don't you see what's happening around you right now?  Bible prophecy is exploding by leaps and bounds right in front of you!!"  Why yes.  Yes it is.  However, it is only doing so in quantity at present, and not substance.  What do I mean by that?  Well, let me explain.

For purposes of example in my explanation, we'll use the evening news as a way to describe what I'm saying.  Let's say that the local news station is daily reporting on a crime spree in your city, covering robbery after robbery after robbery that is occuring.  However, aside from the sheer number of robberies, little is changing in this crime spree.  In this example, the crime spree is the "substance", or main event, that is occuring.  Underneath the umbrella of this crime spree are the robberies, which in turn are the "quantity" or major actors within the crime spree.  See what I'm getting at?  What we're seeing right now in the realm of bible prophecy is quantity, but little substance.  In other words, like that crime spree, little is changing in the biblical landscape in regards to major bible prophecy, even though a lot is happening.  Sure, we're seeing a number of major bible prophecies playing out before us, but it's as though they're on auto pilot, as no major course changes are in play right now, nor are there any on the immediate horizon that I can see.

Thus, this is why you don't see a lot of updates around here like in times past.  At one time we tried to keep up with the "quantity" of bible prophecy (which, by the way, is expertly done over at, but were eventually steered away from that by God, and were directed to instead focus on the prophetical "substance" that's coming down the pipe in the near future.  And that has been the feeling in my spirit of late that something big is coming down the pipe soon.  Thus, this is one of the major reasons you don't see us doing much around here, we are monitoring events in anticipation of a major shift in the course of both modern and bible prophecy.  What that shift will be, though, I'm not certain.  However, I have my suspicions what they will be, even though I won't say them here as I can't be 100% certain those will be what comes next.  Even so, we're still busy behind the scenes even if you don't see much on the front end.

So there you have it.  My January 2018 update and explanation for our general lack of updates.  But, once something starts moving again, expect us here to quickly pick up where we left off at and move forward with a bunch of new, rapid fire updates.  Until then, keep looking up! :)

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin

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