Reminder: Extra Eyes Welcome
Thursday, June 2nd, 2022 1:38pm

Hi again everyone.  I'm just sending out one of my occasional reminders that, if you are surfing the web, or social media, news sites, etc, and you find something of Biblical, or Prophetical significance, please let me know.  This includes proofs, sources, teachings, etc.  I say this because I'm just one guy, with one set of eyes, running this site, and I can't hope to see everything that's happening out there.  So if you see something you think I should know about, or want to send my way to help me with keeping up on things, please do.

If you're unsure if I've already seen it, the site has a great search tool that'll help you verify that.  And, if you don't find it already listed here, then by all means please send it over to me.   The more eyes looking for things, the better I can keep the site up to date and relevant, with all needed sources, proofs, teachings, bible verses, and so on.  So, as always, your help is greatly appreciated.  If you do find something you want me to add to the site, you can use our Submit a Prophecy tool to send that in.  And, again, I greatly appreciate every one of you, and all that you do to help out this site.  Many, many thanks to each of you. :)

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin