Yes, we're still here.
Friday, February 24th, 2017 3:27pm

Hi again, everyone.  Some of you may have noticed over the past 3-6 months that things have gotten rather quiet around here.  We haven't gone away or abandoned the site in any way.  The biggest change is that we've shifted our focus from following trends to being more laser focused on just the prophecies we track, as well as hunting down anything new that needs either tracking, validating or debunking.  So we're not really gone or slowed down, really.  Instead, we've just put our energy into things that are less visible from your side of the web.  On our side things are still very busy.  There's just less to show for it on the site is all. 

So again, I just wanted you to know that we haven't quit working on things around here or walked away.  It's just that the things we're doing are a bit more narrowly focused than before.  Also, right now there's a LOT happening in prophecy.  So much so that if we were to track and try to deal with everything there is out there, we'd probably blow a fuse and lose our minds. :P  Plus, information overload like that isn't good for you either.  So good, well researched, thoughtful updates and information, even if it seems like it's coming slowly, is better than too much information.  And also, in cases where it's more of the same old same old, ever continuing but not really changing type updates we've found are usually things that don't need posting here.

After all, if it's the same thing happening over and over again, why would we need to update you?  It's not like there's anything earth shakingly new.  Just more of the same.  But when there is good stuff that we feel you should see, stuff that makes an important difference, then we'll be sure you know about it as soon as we find out.  And who knows, given the volatility of prophecy right now we may again hit another period where things get hot and heavy over here again, and when we do, be assured that we'll keep you, and all of our listed prophecies, well updated.  Anyhow, thanks everyone for sticking with us.  We're still working hard to bless you with all that we have available to us. ^_^

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
Chief Admin