From Now Till September Prophetically
Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 5:57pm

Today on Facebook one of my friends, Michelle Logan, posted this summary of the events that are about to unfold from now through September of this year.  It's well worth the quick read.

From now unto Sept 2015
1. Shemitah.
2. Final blood moon of the tetrad.
3. Sept 24,2015 expected asteroid impact creating Tsunami affecting the U.S. East Coast.
4. End of Jade Helm 15 supposedly. Other upcoming things in near future.
5. N.Y. Fed Reserve Bank moving to Chicago citing possible natural disaster as first reason.
6. Pentagon Central Command moving underground, first time since end of Cold War.
7. NORAD going underground.
8. Pope visiting U.S. to speak to CONGRESS, present at the UN post 2015 agenda signing.
9. Financial experts predict financial collapse.
10. Iran capable of atomic bomb by then.
11. ISIS in many states...saying they will attack within the next 6 months.

It is being reported that a Tsunami is supposedly created from impact somewhere in the Atlantic of an asteroid. This Tsunami is so huge that when it slams the East Coast of the U.S. it wipes out New York City or renders it crippled...which is why Fed. reserve moving from NYC to Chicago.

How much of the eastern coast is affected I did not learn but presumption would be that ripples would travel the entire Ocean and Florida is a sea-level peninsula and may go completely under sadly. A bigger boat may not be adequate...consider moving inland.

I'm sure this makes for an interesting discussion.  What's your thoughts on this?

Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Lake
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