Prophecy Index is open for operation!
Friday, January 2nd, 2015 7:20pm

Welcome to Prophecy Index.  We are a site that aims to be a complete index of end times prophecy, both biblical and modern.  We want to be a one stop source for all things related to end times prophecy from a Christian perspective.  There's a LOT of prophecies out there, a lot of good information, and a lot more bad.  We hope to clear up the confusion caused by this and be a complete index of all things related to prophecy.

However, currently this is only a one man operation and there is a LOT of prophecies, proofs, etc out there which is a lot of work for one person.  But if you can help out, maybe a little here, and a little there, working one prophecy at a time, we can expand the database and make it better day by day.

I've done all I can to make the site easy to use and intuitive, but again, I'm only one person and I need your help.  So please, browse through the site, look at the prophecies already offered, and if you see things that need fixing, please feel free to use our "report a problem" form.  If it's an issue with a prophecy, such as a bad link, extra content or links, sources, proofs, etc that are available but not included in the listing, errors in the summary, title, and so on, then by all means submit a change request (the link to suggest changes is available at the bottom of each prophecy page) and let me know.

I can't be expected to do everything and get it all right.  That's where you come in.  I want this to be a community effort.  But more importantly, since this project was originally God's idea, and it's all come together through His guidance and leading, I know that He wants you to use this site for His work, either warning others, debunking lies, providing truth, information, and so much more in regards to end times prophecy.

Again, welcome to the site, enjoy it, but by all means please use it, participate, and get involved.  The more who use it and participate in it's expansion and upkeep, the better.  And don't be afraid to send in lots of change requests if it's necessary.  I'd rather have too much to do rather than not enough.  Plus I know that God will be greatly pleased with your help in this ministry effort.  And lastly, thanks again for being here and for any help you can provide.

- Steven Lake (site owner and admin)